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Трехламповый 7MHz CW&SSB приемник.

For a long time I wanted to use 6BE6 as a product detector. Therefore I made this gear. Alltime I make a gear with such a reason. HIHI.

This is a radio for 7MHz SSB and CW. Valve line up of it is 6BE6-6BE6-12AU7. 6BE6 is very useful valve. We can make a convertor and product detector by 6BE6. I had already shown that some valve can be used 12V for it's plate voltage. But 6BE6 can not move under 19V. Therefore I must use 19V for Vb. Heater voltage by two 6BE6 is 12V. Therefore I decided to use 12AU7 with 6.3V for heater. With 19V , 6BE6 has no conversion gain . Therefore this machine has only 14dB total . I can hear domestic QSO with a dipole antenna.
If you have time, please make this gear with Vb=120V. It will make a reasonable performance.

Kazuhiro Sunamura, (JF1OZL)