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Alinco DJ-496 UHF FM Hand held Transceiver

Alinco has created a new UHF FM Hand held Transceiver that sets new standards in features, convenience and easy operation. The DJ-496T sports an alphanumeric display for easy memory management. It has an ergonomic design that's "user friendly" and the 4 watt output battery is standard. You'll be ready to travel the world with CTCSS encode+decode, DCS and European tone bursts, all included at no extra cost. Best of all, the DJ-496T retains the proud Alinco tradition of quality construction and excellent value.

• Alphanumeric display
• 40 memory channels + Call Channel
• Backlit Keypad
• 4 watt output with standard battery
• CTCSS encode+decode and DCS
• 13.8 VDC direct input with battery charge feature
• Direct frequency input
• S-meter
• Autodialer
• Cable Cloning
• Computer programmable (third party software required)
• MARS/CAP capability
• Additional features, including theft alarm!

Alphanumeric Display Label channels in an easy-reading format. Display frequency, alpha label or channel number only.
40 Memory Channels + Call Channel Plenty of room to store your favorite simplex or repeater frequencies along with alphanumeric label, offset, CTCSS encode/decode or DCS setting.
4 watts output The standard battery allows the DJ-496T to produce up to 4 watts. A power input port

Accepts 13.8 VDC and charges the battery, but won't allow destructive overcharge.

CTCSS, DCS, Tone Bursts and DTMF Be prepared for virtually any selective calling situation or gaining access to repeaters with protected inputs. European Tone Bursts include 1000, 1450, 1750 and 2100 Hz.
Direct Frequency Input Frequency entry is easy using the well-spaced keypad.
S-Meter Displays relative signal strength.
Cable Cloning Share identical settings among multiple DJ-496T transceivers. Saves time and ensures uniform operation.
Theft Alarm The DJ-496T can be set to emit a tone when disconnected from an external power source until proper action is taken to silence the alarm.
Experimental Insect Repel Feature Can the DJ-496T actually repel mosquitoes? Activate the special tone and decide for yourself! You may find the DJ-496T can "de-bug" your outdoor operating site!


General DJ-496T
Freq. RX original status 430 to 449.995 MHz
Freq. Stability +/-5 ppm
Antenna Imp. 50 ohm unbalanced
Supply Voltage DC 13.8V rated
DC 7.0min to 16V max
Ground Negative GND
Current consumption TX 5W 1.4A approx.
at 13.8V external source RX 200mA approx/280mW
RX squelched 50mA approx.
RX Batt.Save on 20mA approx.
Operating Temp. range -10 to +60 degrees C.
Dimention w/o projection 56(W) x 124(H) x 40 (D)
Weight with EBP-48N Approx. 375g (13.2oz)
Output power 5W 13.8V or 4W EBP-48N
Modulation Variable reactance FM
Max. Deviation +/- 5kHz
Spurious emission less than -60db
Microphone Imp. 2k ohms approx.
Circuit Double superheterodyne
1st IF freq. 45.1Mhz
2nd IF freq. 455khz
Sensitivity 12db SINAD better than -12dBu
(0.25uV or less)
Selectivity more than -6dB/12kHz
less than -60dB/26kHz
Audio output power 280mW
Audio impedance 8 ohms