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VHF/UHF Dual Band FM Transceiver
Star Performer!

Alinco introduces an exciting new VHF/UHF handheld-transceiver that will change the way you think about communications. The new Alinco DJ-V5 can fill a variety of roles and it does them all well. Loaded with technical features, 5 watts of output power and a wide array of operator conveniences, the DJ-V5 is an attractive newcomer in a compact package.

Alphanumeric Display, up to 6 characters
200 memory channels plus two call channels
Full VHF + UHF Amateur Band Coverage
Expandable Receive Range, ( 76 ~ 999 MHz*) includes Wide FM capability
Up to 5 watts output, 3 output settings
CTCSS Encode+decode, DTMF squelch and 4 different European Tone Bursts
Accepts up to 13.8 VDC direct input
4 scan modes, 5 programmable scan banks
Input voltage display with over voltage warning
MARS/CAP capability (DJ-V5T)
Autodial memories
Automatic high temperature protection feature
Standard high-power 700 mAh Ni-Cd battery pack EBP-45N
SMA antenna connector
Eight different tuning steps
Wire cloning capability
Wide choice of accessories
Audio output control (high/low)
Split-band operation capability
*Cellular frequencies blocked on DJ-V5T

VHF/UHF Dual Band FM Handheld-Transceiver

Alinco combines high quality, great performance, versatile features and compact size in an exciting new radio, the DJ-V5T/E.
Power Up to 5 watts output, 3 output settings
Alphanumeric Display Easy recall of repeaters or simplex channels, up to 6 characters
Wide Receive Range Expanded receive capability delivers coverage from 76 ~ 999.995 MHz!*
Wide FM Receive Experience quality audio when receiving wide FM signals
200 Memory Channels Plenty of memory to use any way you wish. Save band, frequency, offset, CTCSS, transmit output level, tuning step, DSQ and alphanumeric channel name.
Enhanced Repeater Operations CTCSS encode+decode, plus selectable tone bursts (1000, 1450, 1750, 2100 Hz)
DTMF Tone Squelch (DSQ) Allows creation of call groups free of distracting traffic.
Temperature Protection Reduces output power when internal temperatures are too high.
Cable Cloning Program multiple DJ-V5 units from a "master" unit.
Multiple Scan Modes Use the wide-range receive capabilities of the DJ-V5 to their full advantage.

General DJV5T
Freq. RX original status 76-107.995
F2,F3,WFM 144-147.995
Freq. TX 144-147.995
F3 420-449.995
Freq. Stability +/-5ppm(-10 to +60c)
Antenna Imp. 50 ohm unbalanced
Supply Voltage DC 13.8V rated
DC 3.6min to 16V max
Ground Negative GND
Current consumption TX 5W 1.6A approx.
at 13.8V external source RX 220mA approx
RX squelched 70mA approx.
RX Batt.Save on 20mA app.
Operating Temp. range -10 to +60 degrees C.
Dimention w/o projection 58(W) x 97(H) x 40.3(D)mm
Weight with drycellcase+cell 335 gramms
and antenna
Output power 5W w/in V/UHF Ham bands
Mid=1W, Low=0.5W
Modulation Variable reactance
Max. Deviation +/- 5.0 Khz
Spurious emission less than -60db
Microphone Imp. 2k ohms approx.
Circuit Double superheterodyne
1st IF freq. 39.15Mhz
2nd IF freq. FM/450khz WFM/13.35Mhz
Sensitivity 12db SINAD 76-108Mhz WFM 0dbu app.
2m FM better than -16dbu
440Mhz " " -15dbu
Selectivity except WFM more than -6db/12khz
less than -60db/30khz
Image/spurious response less than -60db
AF out at 10% distort.13.8V more than 500mW/8ohm
AF impedance 8 ohms
Standard feature
Expandible RX range 76 to 999.995Mhz continue.
AM/FM/WFM except 824-850Mhz range
MARS/CAP mod. Yes
DTMF SQ Enc/Dec 3 digits
CTCSS SQ Enc/Dec 39tones
Memory ch. 200ch
Auto Dialer memory 8ch
Program-scan memory 5 combinations
Call channel 2 ch

Information about the Accessories for DJV5T/TH/TDC/TDCH
Accessories for the DJ-V5T are as follows:

Model Ni-Cd battery Dry cell case EDC-93 Charger
DJ-V5T EBP-45N black none Yes (Black body/standard Ni-cd)
DJ-V5TH EBP-46N black (high) none Yes (Black body/standard Ni-cd)
DJ-V5TDC none EDH29C clear none (Clear body/Clear dry cell case)
DJ-V5TDCH EBP-46N black (high) EDH29C clear Yes(Clear body/Hi NiCd+Clear D.C.case)
* EDH29 black dry cell case is NOT a standard accessory for any model.
* Specifications of the unit are the same.
* The following are standard for all "T" versions: Antenna,
belt-clip,hand-strap, instruction manual, and warranty card.

Sorry there has been a typographical error on the standard accessory list page of the instruction manual.
Please disregard if you may find it (An Errata sheet is inserted for clarification now and it will be corrected from the next print).
Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation. Specifications apply to Amateur Radio bands only. Permits required for MARS/CAP use. Product intended for use by properly licensed operators. Cellular frequencies blocked in USA