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FTM-2001 Handheld Marine Transceiver

Compact Size without Compromise
The FTM-2001 is a powerful microprocessor-controlled hand portable Marine Band Transceiver combining the advanced features of the latest full size transceivers with the convenience of compactness and light weight.

Rugged, Spray-Proof Construction
The transceiver is housed entirely in zinc and aluminium die-cast alloys, and battery cases are constructed of thick high impact polycarbonate plastic. Rubber gasket seals around external controls and connectors keep out spray and rain, providing the reliability and raggedness demanded on the high seas.

Complete User Control of Features
The FTM-2001 is available in 16 different 55-channel versions for use just about anywhere in the world. up to four channelling systems can be selected by the user from the keypad: including US channels, International/Local channels, Weather channels and Private channels (up to ten of which can be programmed quickly for your requirements by Yaesu dealers). All 55 channels can be selected by rotary selector or scanner; or any user-selectable subset of channels may be scanned for activity. Emergency channel 16 is instantly selectable by a special key, or can be priority-monitored all the time while receiving on any other channel. An automatic power saver system is provided to greatly extend battery life while monitoring for calls. High (5W) or low (1W) power can be selected (except on versions supplied where restricted by regulations). The liquid crystal display shows all functions, and can be lit by a pushbutton.

High Power, Complete Line of Accessories
Up to five watts of R F power output is available (in regions where permitted) with the 12V FNB-11 (60OmAh) and FNB-12 (50OmAh) Ni-Cad battery packs.

For the one-watt versions, the 7.2V long life FNB-14 (100OmAh), compact FNB10 (60OmAh) and subcompact FNB-9 (20OmAh) Ni-Cad packs are available for long life (the 7.2V packs may also be used with the high power versions, but with reduced output). The FBA-9 and FBA-10 battery cases are also available for operation from standard 'AAA' or 'AA'-size dry cells. Of course a full line of battery chargers, soft cases, and accessories for mobile operation are available from Yaesu dealers everywhere.