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Kenwood Corporation
FM Handheld Transceiver TH-28(A/E)

Expanding the envelope of handheld communications is our multi-feature single-band handheld transceiver, the TH-28(A/E). State-of-the-art features include the ability to store both alphanumeric and frequency data in non-volotile memory, alphanumeric message paging -- in addition to DTSS and pager functions -- and a switchable dual-band receive capability. As an added bonus, the number of memory channels can be increased to 240 (option).

Features at a glance:

2 m single-band operation and dual-band receive capability (2 m/70 cm)
Alphanumeric memory
Alphanumeric message pager function
40 multi-function memory channels (non-volatile)
Tone alert system with time indicator

TH-28(A/E) in detail:

Dual-band receive
Despite being a single-band transceiver, the TH-28(A/E) is equipped with a switchable dual-band (2 m/70 cm) receive capability, that greatly expands functionality.

40 multi-function memory channels + 1 call channel
An important development for battery-operated communications is non-volatile memory. Since this is used for independent storage of transmit and receive data, no back-up is required. For expanded versatility, an optional memory expansion unit (ME-1) is available to increase the number of channels to 240. With alphanumeric memory active, the number of available channels is 20 and 120, respectively.

User-friendly multi-scan function
In addition to full band and dual programmable band scans, there is MHz scan and memory scan with programmable memory channel lock-out, plus V/M, C/V and C/M scans (these alternate between VFO, memory and the call channel). Scan stop modes include carrier-operated (stops on a busy channel and resumes 2 seconds after the signal drops out), time-operated (stops on a busy channel for 5 seconds, then resumes), and seek-operated scan (stops on a busy channel).

Alphanumeric memory
A welcome feature is the ability to store alphanumeric data (up to 6 characters) in memory, meaning that the operator can use repeater or group names instead of the actual frequencies.

Alphanumeric message paging
With DTSS the squelch is opened only when the appropriate 3-digit code has been received, and the pager alerts the operator to an incoming call, indicating the caller's identity on the display. But there's more: up to 10 alphanumeric messages (up to 6 characters) can be kept in memory for transmission as needed. And on receipt, the latest 10 messages are stored in memory automatically, so even if the transceiver is left unattended messages can be recalled later.

DTMF memory function for auto-dial operation
The built-in DTMF memory function allows storage of up to 10 different 15-digit (maximum) DTMF codes for auto-dial and autopatch use. Characters *, #, A, B, C and D can also be stored for repeater command functions.

Tone alert with elapsed time indicator
Operators of handheld transceivers often have to divide their attention, so a tone alert can be essential. When activated, this system will cause a clear audio tone to be emitted from the transceiver to indicate the presence of an incoming signal. A flashing bell symbol provides a visual prompt and the time of the alert can be seen on the display.

Power conservation features
Auto power-off and auto battery saver functions are provided to help maximize operating hours. A 10-minute transmission time-out timer (TOT) is also featured. Offered as options are 3 NiCd batteries, including the high-power PB-17 (which provides 5 watts of RF output), and the long-life PB-18.

Other Features:

CTCSS operation with TSU-7 tone decoder (option)
4-position output power control (High/Mid/Low/Economy Low)
Separate VFO, MR & CALL keys
Clock, timer on/off and alarm
Optional remote control speaker microphone (SMC-33)
Illuminated LCD display

Dimensions (W x H x D)

56 x 116.5 x 24.5 mm (2.2 x 4.6 x 1.0 in.)

Please note that not all features and options may be available for the model sold in your region.
Operation of DTSS, Pager, DTMF, and CTCSS is subject to local regulations.

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