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Kenwood Corporation
VHF/UHF FM Dual Bander TH-G71A/E

It only takes one glance to see that Kenwood's TH-G71A/E dual-bander (VHF/UHF) is something special. The brightly illuminated keypad and LCD, high-performance antenna, and typically stylish yet ergonomic design set it apart. But this compact handheld transceiver - measuring 54 (W) x 112 (H) x 33.5 (D) mm and weighing 330 g - is distinguished internally too, offering a rich selection of features that would normally be found only on much more expensive HTs. Added value is the essence.

Features at a glance:

Illuminated keypad
Memory Name function
Menu mode
Powerful performance
200 multi-function memory channels
Multi-scan functions
CTCSS encoder/decoder
Rugged reliability

TH-G71A/E in detail:

Illuminated keypad, Memory Name function
Priority has been put on convenience, something that is instantly clear whether you are HT-experienced or not. The illuminated keypad and backlit LCD are ideal for nighttime operation, and the Memory Name function allows you to identify each channel with up to 6 alphanumeric characters.

Menu mode
Convenience on the TH-G71A/E is further enhanced by a menu system that gives you full control over all operating settings - including scan, memory recall, programmable VFO, battery save, auto-power off, and DTMF.

Powerful performance
With its high-performance antenna, the TH-G71A/E can provide up to 6 watts (VHF) or 5.5 watts (UHF) of RF output using a direct 13.8V supply. You can choose HI, LOW, or EL output levels to suit the situation. And you'll also appreciate the powerful, exceptionally clear audio output.

200 multi-function memory channels
This is a serious transceiver with a serious 200-channel memory capacity. You can use them to store transmit and receive frequencies (independently), frequency step, tone frequency, and other important data - which can also be transferred to your own PC for editing and storing.

Multi-scan functions
In addition to full band and programme band scans, memory scan with memory channel lock-out, MHz scan and call scan are also available. For each band there are TO (time-operated), CO (carrier-operated), and seek resume modes.

CTCSS encoder/decoder
The built-in CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) encoder/decoder enables operation of the 38 EIA-standard CTCSS subtone frequencies plus a 1750 Hz tone burst (E type).

Rugged reliability
The case of the TH-G71A/E is constructed from tough polycarbonate to withstand shocks. But it is also tightly sealed, meeting the strict MIL-STD 810E standards for water and shock resistance.

Other Features:

DTMF memory
Function key lock
Auto power-off
Auto battery-saver circuit
Time-out timer

Dimensions (W x H x D)

54 x 112 x 33.5 mm (2.1 x 4.4 x 1.3 in.) with PB-38

Please note that not all features and options may be available for the model sold in your region.
Operation of DTSS, Pager, DTMF, and CTCSS is subject to local regulations.

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